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News in 2014

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News in 2013

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News in 2012

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News in 2011

Semen Collected by Genus Group

Genus successfully collected semen from two SAS Linkage Bulls (both bred and owned by R & S Whitcombe) and is available from the Genus website.

- HAWKLEY SAS INTERPID (click here for link to Genus)

- HAWKLEY POLL INQUEST (click here for link to Genus)

Bull exported to Northern Ireland

BRETTLES SAS JUNIPER was exported to a breeder in Northern Ireland.

The Show Season

Another successful year of showing for the SAS Breeding Group saw RUFFORD SAS JAMBO (owned and bred by Bob Bostelmann) win the performance and inspection classes at both the National Show at the Royal Norfolk and the Royal Welsh Show.

RUFFORD SAS JACKO (pictured below) won his class at Moreton-in-Marsh Show and was Reserve Male Champion.

Other show results can be found on our Show Results page.

BRETTLES SAS BLUEBELL 13 (bred by M & M Rushbrooke and currently owned by Mrs J Archer) had a successful show season winning the following:
- Breed Champion at the Suffolk Show
- Native Interbreed Cow & calf class at the East of England Show
- Interbreed Cow in milk or in calf class at the East of England Show

Society Spring Show and Sale in Exeter

The SAS Breeding Group was represented at the South Devon Society's Spring Sale on the 24th March 2011 by R & S Whitcombe.

R & S Whitcombe's two year old heifer HAWKLEY DAIRYMAID 34 was the highest priced female at the sale.

SAS Linkage and SAS Approved Bulls

Rufford SAS Dillon has been selected as a new SAS Linkage Bull for 2011.

Juniper Just-In and Lumbylaw Magnus 25 have both been selected as new SAS Approved Bulls for 2011.

Click here to view more information about our bulls for 2011.

News in 2010

National Herd Competition

Z Eyton SAS Illya 1 (bred by T M Kent and currently owned by the Tully Partnership) was named best bull in the South Devon National Herd Competition 2010.

(Photo to be updated soon with better quality image)

Society Autumn Show and Sale in Bristol

Hawkley Dairymaid 31 (pictured below) was winner of the Bristol Sales Centre Trophy for best heifer judged on inspection and performance at the South Devon Autumn Sale 2010.

Society Spring Show and Sale in Exeter

The SAS Breeding Group was represented at the South Devon Society's Spring Sale on the 24th March 2010 by T M Kent and M & M Rushbrooke.

M & M Rushbrooke's two year old SAS approved bull BRETTLES SAS HERMES (pictured below) achieved 3rd place in his bull class.

M & M Rushbrookes's other two year old bull Z BRETTLES SAS HUMBER achieved 2nd place in his bull class and was also reserve for the Polled Cup.

T M Kent's two year old bull Z EYTON POLLED SUNSHINE (pictured below) achieved 3rd place in his bull class.

News in 2009

Reserve Breed Champion at Royal Norfolk Show

BRETTLES SAS BLUEBELL 13 (bred by M & M Rushbrooke) is owned by Mrs J Archer and was successfully shown at the Royal Norfolk Show this year winning her class, female champion and reserve breed champion.

SAS Breeding Group Semen sent to Thailand

Semen from HAUGHTON SAS JOE LOUIS 1 bred by Bill Sandford was sent to Thailand at the start of this year. It is part of a promotion drive in Thailand, a country with a large cattle industry but very little genetics from outside its own borders.

Click here to view the full article

The semen can be purchased in Thailand through Pornchai Intertrade at

Reserve Female Champion at Royal Welsh Show

Z CILGWRRWG SAS SIMPLY MOLLY (bred and shown by R V Hartshorn) was the Reserve Female Champion at the Royal Welsh this year.

This followed on from successes at the Royal Bath and West Show where she was Reserve Female Champion and the Shropshire and West Mid show where she was Reserve Breed Champion.

Society Spring Sale

The SAS breeding group was represented at the South Devon Society's Spring Sale on the 25th March 2009 by R W Bostelmann.

His two year old bull RUFFORD SAS GUNNER sold for 3,000 gns.

News in 2008

AI Haughton SAS Joe Louis 1 named Bull of the Year 2007:

It was recently announced by the South Devon Herd Book Society (SDHBS) that AI HAUGHTON SAS JOE LOUIS 1 had won the Bull of the Year competition for 2007 after winning Breed Champion at numerous shows last year.

Shropshire and West Mid Show:

Z EYTON SAS BASSA 3 (pictured below) was the winner of the Interbreed Native Young Bull class judged on inspection and performance at the Shropshire and West Mid Show.

Midland Club Sale:

The SAS Breeding Group were again well represented at the Midland Club sale on the 3rd May 2008 at Stradford-upon-Avon.

Two year old bull X EYTON SAS Illya 4 (bred by T M Kent) sold for 3,500 gns.

While M & M Rushbrookes two unhalter broken yearling heifers BRETTLES SAS BLUEBELL 13 and BRETTLES SAS VENUS 5 made 1,200 gns and 1,000 gns respectively.

News in 2007

SDHBS Herd Competition:

Best Bull: 1st Haughon SAS Joe Louis 1
Bred and exhibited by W H Sandford

Best Cow: Brettles SAS Venus 2
Bred by M&M Rushbrooke (exhibited by T J Warhurst)

Midland Club Herd Competition:

Best Bull: 2nd Haughon SAS Joe Louis 1
Bred and exhibited by W H Sandford

Best Small Herd: Cilgwrrwg Herd owned by R V Hartshorn

Wessex Region Herd Competition:

Best Bull: 1st Rufford SAS Dillon
Bred by R W Bostelmann (exhibited by W H Scott)

Royal Bath & West Show:

HAUGHTON SAS JOE LOUIS 1 (bred by Bill Sandford) was selected as RESERVE SUPREME CHAMPION at this years Royal Bath and West Show.

HAUGHTON SAS JOE LOUIS 1 was also involved along with EYTON SAS LLANBLETHIAN in winning the RESERVE INTERBREED PAIR at the West Mid Show.

To finish a successful showing year, HAUGHTON SAS JOE LOUIS 1 was also a member of the group that won the RESERVE NATIVE TEAM OF THREE at the Royal Welsh Show.

News in 2006

AI Haughton SAS Joe Louis 1 (bred by Bill Sandford) was successfully selected into this years EBLEX Young Bull Promotion Scheme. The scheme helps with he cost of semen collection for bulls nominated by the Breed Society.

AI Haughton SAS Joe Louis 1's particular performance strengths are in growth and milk, whilst also having a good balance for calving ease, particularly in his daughters.

AI Haughton SAS Joe Louis 1 qualifies for export to the EU, Canada, the US, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.

News in 2005

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News in 2004

At the annual Midland Club Sale held in May, Bob Bostelmann (Rufford Herd) won the prime stock class with a SAS bred heifer.

News in 2003

The Brettles Herd won the Midland Club Herd Competition, the Edmeston Trophy (Best Herd of Cows), the Trevassack Shield (Best Youngstock) and the Harding Trophy (Best Progeny Group).

The SAS Breeding Group was well represented at the annual Carlisle Bull Sale held on the 23rd May and sold the top priced South Devon bull at the sale with Brettles SAS Red Commander.

News in 2002

The Brettles Herd had a successful trophy year, winning both the Cecil Harvey Shield for the Best Herd of Cows in the National Herd Competition and the HSBC Midland Bank Trophy.

News in 2001

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News in 2000

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News in 1999

In this year, the SAS south devon breeding group was formed, the name SAS originally stood for Shropshire And Staffordshire but later was changed as the group looked to expand out of the area.

The original founding members were:

R Hartshorn Cilgwrrwg Herd (SAS Co-ordinator)
R Bostelmann Rufford Herd
J & B Firkens Betton Herd
M & M Rushbrooke Brettles Herd
T Kent Eyton Herd
R & & Jones Delfar Herd
W H Sandford Haughton Herd
P Tavernor Dashers Herd

At our second meeting, we selected our standard of the bulls we should use as linkage bulls and were given a complete list of all south devon bulls BLUP figures from MLC which gave us a chance to find bulls which reached our set standard. The standard we set was:




We then came up with a short list of bulls that fitted our standard and then went about going into great depth on this short list we had selected.

In the end we selected Z PAPER MILL SAFFRON (this bull is polled) and HIGHGATE RADICAL 4th. We were lucky that semen was already collected from Radical so all group members could use him. Another stroke of luck was that Tim Kent managed to buy Radical so we had both straws and the bull to use in the group. Bob Bostelmann also managed to buy Saffron and allowed other members to use him.

The SAS group was up and running!

News in 1998

The idea of a new breeding group was discussed and a meeting of like minded people was called on November 5th with 12 breeders of South Devons in the Midlands area of the UK attending. The meeting was held at Bob Bostelmann's farm in Staffordshire and many ideas and formats were looked at for the new group. Apart from the actual breeders, advisors from the MLC and SIGNET were also present to give advice and guidance.

The basic idea was that with more cows, and by working together we could get greater and faster genetic improvement. This would be achieved by selecting bulls we could all use or, at least each farm could use one of the bulls to link directly with the other farms. These bulls would be called "linkage bulls", hence the wide spread of the bulls genes would give more accurate forecast in the BLUP figures. All cattle on the members farms would be weight recorded and MLC would then process the data and give printouts on the genetics of all the animals on the farms.

It was decided to try and get onebull that was available by AI and one that a group member would buy and allow others to send cows to be served by that bull.

We set up a standard for the ideal bull we could accept as a linkage bull, however if bulls that did not directly meet this standard but had other points we needed or thought would enhance our aims then the group would also look at those bulls collectively.